Montana Business Capital is a service provided by the Bank of Montana. We offer what is described as boutique investment banking services. In simple terms, we provide consulting services regarding optimal funding strategies to expanding businesses. Once a strategy is developed, we package the funding request and act as an agent for the borrower.

Montana Business Capital doesn't just provide consulting advice. We invest extensive hours in our projects, taking special care to combine a comprehensive financing package that best suits each client's scenario, ensuring our presentations reach optimal levels of detail and professionalism, and work diligently to comply with our client's, often stringent, time lines.

Montana Business Capital shines its brightest when we are working with clients who can benefit from some level of government enhancement. We are uniquely adept at applying these government augmentation products to commercial credits. There are many details and exceptions inherent to these applications, which can make the difference between a successful application and a denial. Montana Business Capital supplies "high touch" services to its clients. This complete and thorough suite of services includes extensive work with the client on business plans, projections, pricing, management techniques, etc. Montana Business Capital's services also include utilizing an extensive background in the usage of various programs, as well as dedicating time to client specific research related to the implementation of these programs.
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